Pixel Cloud


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Pixel Cloud is an eight story high chandelier hung in the Northern Atrium of Allen & Overy’s headquarters at 1 Bishop’s Square, London. The chandelier consists of a 3D matrix of globes hung in synch with the Foster and Partners architectural designs. Pixel Cloud is surrounded by offices with floor to ceiling glass windows onto the atrium. The result is an infinite reflection of the 624 LED globes in every direction.

The software that drives the chandelier has a number of options:

  • It can create an 8 story high virtual lava lamp
  • It can take an RSS weather feed and apply various colors and effects depending on the percentage of humidity, precipitation, and wind speed
  • It can display image sequences.

During the design and production of this installation, a number of unique technologies had to be developed. The main challenge was in emitting equal light all the way around a full sphere. There was no existing solution to this problem. The engineers we collaborated with resolved this by producing a fold?able PCB with LED’s on each of the front faces of the geometry. The result was a perfect sphere of emitted light.

Pixel Cloud was built while I was at Jason Bruges Studio. I took over the project from Dominic Harris.