BBC 1Xtra Advert


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For the BBC 1Xtra advert, search  we designed and built four sets for the BBC 1Xtra show in 2007. All four sets had to be live and controllable for a series of single takes. The first set was a wall of fluorescent tubes which had to flicker to life as the camera panned across them. The second was an L?shaped wall of CCFL’s that had three generative animations applied to them with variable speeds. The third set consisted of an RGB LED curtain and a tiled desk which played a series of color planes across it. The fourth and final set was also CCFL based. In this case, public health they were filtered with a red gel and had a series of different pulsing animations applied to them. The whole project was designed, built and completed within 10 days (including weekends.)

This project was produced while I was at Jason Bruges Studio in collaboration with Tom Sloan and Seb Oddi. Special thanks to Zena Bruges, Miriam Sleeman, Jonathan Hodges, Bibi Nelson & Tim Greatrex.

BBC 1Xtra Advert 60 seconds from Daniel Hirschmann on Vimeo.

BBC 1Xtra Advert 30 seconds from Daniel Hirschmann on Vimeo.